New Marketing Strategy

One of the main reasons why we stopped the old bitcointalk campaign and switched to the new Securypto Panel and created the new Bounty & Affiliate Program was to stop accepting accounts that copy pasting our own whitepaper and calling it an new “article” or just scrolling our website reading it line by line calling it a review.

We want attracting real talented marketing people and reward them what they really deserve for creating high quality content and promoting the project. The same goes for the affiliate program. We pay 10% commission in Bitcoin because we are basically partially outsourcing the marketing and good marketing professional have to cover their marketing costs for a proper marketing campaign. Long story short, we welcome quality content creators and marketing agencies that have a positive impact on the project and reward them accordingly.

We have started this as a way to give back to the community that has helped us grow instead of paying to overpriced marketing agencies for their services. This reward system is in place to promote the project, reward efforts and hold the integrity of the securypto project.

When you sign up on the Securypto Panel you will be assigned an affiliates ID. This allows you to earn BTC for every SCU bought through your Affiliate link. It works very simple. Just post your affiliate link on your blog, forum, signature, youtube, email marketings etc and enjoy!

For all bounty and affiliates questions you can also contact us on the special reward program Telegram group.

We have assembled a set of banners and logo’s which you can use to promote your affiliate link on your blog, website and anywhere you want to embed it.

  1. Choose the banner of your liking
  2. Copy the embedded code
  3. Replace “REPLACE_WITH_PANEL_ID” with your panel ID
  4. Watch your commission role in and receive 10% BTC commission!