Overwhelming support!

For the last 2 years we have been working around the clock with a group of dedicated programmers and security experts to bring about a new way of dealing with the current chaos in privacy. This has led to the evolution of the project into an ICO and has since then gathered worldwide support for the project and the ideology behind it. It has been both overwhelming and emotional for all team members to see such positive response to the project and it has given us more motivation to work even harder.

No need for an ICO anymore!

At the time of writing, we have a great following, a solid team and we are hitting one goal after another which brought us the question, why do we need an ICO anymore. Your support and our dedication resulted in getting further than our own ambitious roadmap.

Most ICO’s are initiated by an idea and are in need of huge funds for their developers and experts, at Securypto it has been the other way around as our team has been assembled by developers and experts from the beginning.

This has allowed us to be miles ahead of our roadmap and launch the TestNet while pre-sale was not even live yet! Attracting more industry experts to join the project recently like John Mcafee, which have now officially joined us as our Team Advisor giving us access to a massive network of key-players in the crypto world opening even more doors and giving faster grow opportunities.

Main-net is going to launch!

Yes, it’s finally here! The launching of Securypto Main-Net blockchain. For both bounty and airdrop participants we have a great news as your continued support and dedication means allot to us and your rewards will be deposited directly into your Securypto wallet.

Yes you did read it correctly, your SCU coins, will be deposited directly into your Securypto wallet as Main-Net is going to launch on 1 April. This means all participants will receive their real SCU coins directly on the Securypto blockchain instead of receiving erc20 Token first and swapping it later for the real coins.

We invite everyone to sign up through the Securypto Panel on the website to claim their coins earned from airdrop or bountys. You can also purchase SCU coins from the Securypto Panel directly using Bitcoin.

Huge opportunity!

At launch the amount of Stakers and MasterNodes are still modest, but this opens up new opportunities for both newcomers as well as early adapters to host a MasterNode or become a Staker as the rewards are high at the initial stage and will be shared between relatively lower amount of Stakers and MasterNode holders, extra rewarding you as an early adopter. So if you are looking to get on board at an early stage on this rocket ship, now is the time.

Everyone can start staking no matter how much coins they have. This will help airdrop participants and bounty hunters to acquire more coins as 30% of every block will be given to stake holders.

The bigger portion of every block namely 65% will be distributed between the MasterNodes holders as they help the strength of the network. For setting up a MasterNode you will need 10000SCU which can be purchased from the Securypto panel directly using bitcoin.
Your participation is also necessary as there are things which we still need funds for it and that is Marketing. When you look at the allocation of the coins graph you will see almost all of the funds raised from selling the coins will go to the marketing as it is also pivotal to the success of the project. We have a great project, but we need to make sure everybody knows about it!

Exchange listing!

At the time of writing we are in serious full depth talks with both major and some smaller exchanges which have already given Securypto a green light, facilitating the listings of the SCU coins on multiple exchanges.

This is a major breakthrough as most ICO’s either fail or are stuck as a token, never launch a blockchain or get listed. We are ahead of the roadmap by 12 months and we owe all that to the team and the community!

Despite the welcoming interest of getting SCU listed asap, we will start listing SCU not sooner than 6 months of cool down period, making sure a smooth listing without any pump and dump protecting both airdrop, bounty hunters, investors and early adopters.

You can Buy or get some FREE SCU coins in the Securypto Panel. So install the wallet and login to the Securypto Panel to Buy or claim your Free coins.

John McAfee

Excited to be joining a solid team with an clear vision