All excess coins from the airdrop, bounty’s, faucets, promotion team etc… will be burned. This create more scarcity and prevent of coins concentrations in control of a single entity.

None! We are not a multinational company and your are not buying any securities either, we even don’t call you an investor. We are a team of free internet pioneers that try to change the world by creating an decentralized network and architecting a new protocol that cant be shutdown or stopped by any entity.

If for many obvious reasons your coins get more worth than you have paid for, Great! But keep also in mind that for many other obvious reasons it can also get worth less! We are not a investment bank or funds.

Main reason for you to participate and get SCU coins should be:

A: You want to support this movement.

B: So you can use the coins to setup a Securypto Masternode or transfering data and messages on Securypto network.

Securypto isn’t a company or foundation and our team members are located all over the world. If you look at our team member page you will see the most diverse talents gathering from totally different geo-locations. Securypto is not a centralized entity and we have chosen this so it cant be controlled by any other entity.

Securypto is as decentralized as it can get and even the funds will be managed fully transparent by a online publicly visible records and access to the funds are restricted by so called multi-signatures wallet that needs the majority of the signatures to be spend.

To make sure of a true decentralized system its crucial that funds are also controlled in a decentralized manner. Securypto funds will be controlled by multiple devs using a “Multisignature Wallet” on air-gapped computers. This ensure prevention of the power centralization. As transparency is the key to a successful decentralized system, expenses will also be recorded on a publicly accessible bookkeeping list that will match the blockchain records and can be verified at all times.

One of the most important futures of the Securypto Blockchain on our roadmap is integrated voting system which empower nodes voting over SIP (Sycurypto Improvement Proposal) which can be compared to Bitcoin Improvement Proposal system. Second but not least important futures of the Securypto Blockchain on our roadmap is network-wide Multisignature Wallet to control the funds of the SIP. This ensure a futures-proof decentralized system and liquidity to fund the future improvements and developments.

As Securypto is a wide project, it will disrupt many services like;

HollyWood/Netflix/Spotify, PirateBay

Amazone Cloud

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other messaging services.

2FA Hardwares

Hardware wallets

and many more….. However……

Securypto is in most cases not a competition but or a totally new or an additional layer giving different futures and creating new use-cases.

For example in case of Secure messaging DSG can use WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal for transferring encrypted QR messages when only integrity of encrypted message is important to sender and not the anonymity.

In case of Hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, there is always a trade-off between user-friendliness and security. “You can’t take a bank vault with you on the road and you cannot put millions in your pocket.” Depending on the amount of assets that needs to be stored/secured, you need to wisely choose the best possible vault. Our recommendations are to use DSG for higher amounts where the maximum security is needed.

Another example would be the ongoing war between Film & Music Industry VS PirateBay or other media and torrents / download sites. Securypto network can be used to transfer and store data that has been encrypted, untraceable and monetized as uploader and host can choose to get paid by the download. More like a torrent network but on steroid combined with cryptocurrencies payments. However this wouldn’t replace Hollywood, Spottily, Netflix or PirateBay but only gives a new dimension to the way data are stored or distributed as all parties can use Securypto network to win their own battle!

Beside obvious reasons and benefits of an opensource system, there is two major reasons why we have chose to make the Hardware (DigiSafeGuard) an opensource project:

A: Avoiding setting up an complete business company for mass production of DSG as this will bring countless hazards and threat to the existence of Securypto project like lawsuits, bankruptcy, production issues etc… Thus strategically it make more sense to support and donate to any other foundation that would put DigiSafeGuard in production.

B: Having DSG as opensource creates a healthy market for competitions which hopefully results in more and faster development of DSG, creating different versions and adoption improvements.

YES! Securypto is an opensource project and anyone can contribute to the project. You can do that by contributing to the github if your are a developer or you can contributing by just sharing this page to your friends and family. It doesn’t matter how small you think your contribution is, Securypto is an community driven project and growth constantly by community contribution from all over the world.

If you have any of the following expertise’s, please contact us by telegram;


  • Python with a good knowledge of PYQT 4 & 5

  • Android developer.

  • IOS developer

  • Blockchain developer C/C++


  • Articles writers / Content Publishing.

  • All-round webdesigner PHP/MYSQL , HTML, Javascript etc..

  • Designers & Illustrators.

Yes, you can earn SCU tokens by helping the Securypto project getting more attentions.

From 1-Nov-2018 till 01-April-2019:

Please visit Bitcointalk bounty page to join the Securypto Bounty Hunters Program.

After 01-April-2019:

We have also an always ongoing bounty program after 01-April-2019 for the following services:

  • Videos: 1/10000 SCU

  • Publishing articles: 1/1000 SCU

  • Creating Memes: 1/250 SCU

Bounty rewards varies depending on the quality of your work and your audience reach and are none negotiable. Please contact us on telegram or by email.