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Pre-Sale with 26% bonus ends in:

KYC Option: If you are planning to purchase more than 20ETH worth of SCU tokens, please use the KYC dashboard.


Anonymous Option: You can purchase without KYC registration up to 20 ETH worth of SCU tokens by completing 2 easy steps as we use Standardized Transparent Ethereum Smart Contract.


Step 1 :

Calculate required amount of ETH that you need for your desired amount of SCU tokens.


Step 2:

Send required amount of ETH to the “Contract Sale Address“.

Your purchased SCU tokens plus your bonus will be send automatically to the Ethereum address that you have been used to purchase the tokens.

Contract Sale Address


How to buy SCU Tokens using MEW

Early adopters and participants will enjoy a higher bonus, getting more tokens for the same price!

Tokens + Bonuses will be calculated automatically by the smart-contract and send to your ETH address immediately after your purchase transaction.

49 / 03-Dec-2018 Pre Sale 1300 SCU 30% 10 ETH
50 / 10-Dec-2018 Pre Sale 1260 SCU 26% 10 ETH
51 / 17-Dec-2018 Pre Sale 1230 SCU 23% 10 ETH
52 / 24-Dec-2018 Pre Sale 1200 SCU 20% 10 ETH
01 / 01-Jan-2019 Public Sale 1180 SCU 18% 0.1 ETH
02 / 07-Jan-2019 Public Sale 1160 SCU 16% 0.1 ETH
03 / 14-Jan-2019 Public Sale 1140 SCU 14% 0.1 ETH
04 / 21-Jan-2019 Public Sale 1120 SCU 12% 0.1 ETH
05 / 28-Jan-2019 Public Sale 1100 SCU 10% 0.1 ETH
06 / 04-Feb-2019 Public Sale 1080 SCU 8% 0.1 ETH
07 / 11-Feb-2019 Public Sale 1060 SCU 6% 0.1 ETH
08 / 18-Feb-2019 Public Sale 1040 SCU 4% 0.1 ETH
09 / 25-Feb-2019 Public Sale 1020 SCU 2% 0.1 ETH
10 / 04-Mar-2019 Public Sale 1000 SCU 0.1 ETH
11 / 11-Mar-2019 Public Sale 1000 SCU 0.1 ETH
12 / 18-Mar-2019 Public Sale 1000 SCU 0.1 ETH

Do not send from exchange address or any other wallet that don’t give you access to your own private keys! Use for example Myetherwallet or Coinomi wallet.


At Securypto we want total transparency and to achieve this all the transactions need to be online and visible to the public on the blockchain using a Ethereum Smart Contract. Thus we have decided not to accept any other cryptocurrency or fiat. This ensure that public know exactly how much has been raised and how they will be spend as Securypto also maintain a publicly transparent and accessible Bookkeeping

Private sale

As private contributors you will receive 5% extra bonus. To Participate in Private Sale please contact @DigiSafeGuard using Telegram or send a direct message to [email protected]


To preventing power & coin concentration we maintain the followings terms for private sales;

  • Minimum of 50ETH
  • Maximum of 100ETH
  • Maximum of 40 Participants in total