Meet Securypto Team

Lead Developer

A libertarian cyberpunk that loves to question everything to find another clue solving the next riddle. Sam holds a strong ICT background and boasts his expertise to fulfill the Lead Dev & CEO position at Securypto.

– Linux Security Expert for +17 Years
– Hosting Management for +10 Years
– Networking Architect for +12 Years
– Fullstack Developer for- +20 Years
– Crypto Enthusiast for +5 Years

His secret weapon, on which he builds the foundation of his success is, being a businessman first! Starting his first company at the age of 18 and having more than 20 years on head of different companies has taught Sam alot. His own experience taught him that a great idea is just the first steppingstone of a successful project.

– Assembling a team of trustworthy motivated talents.
– Knows every internal aspect of your project.
– Carefully analyzes every move of competitors.
– Partners with the right enterprises & key figures in the industry.
– Never underestimates the power of a good marketing.

This makes Sam Nokati the right CEO to lead Securypto to a new era.


A true freethinker and freedom fighter that can talk any computer language.
Daniel dove into coding to problem solve smaller ideas that collectively make a large impact.
Joined the Securypto project because of his love and passion to bring freedom to everyone.


A young coder that loves to get his hands-on with new technologies.
A young prodigy, at the age of 16 he created a online election system for his school, and until now he is working to implement the blockchain into it.

He is a self-taught worker who first learned by writing scripts to automate daily tasks, and soon, to mess with his friends. He’s really intrigued by artificial intelligence and neural networks. One of his main goals is to bring AI and Blockchain together, to create something new.

We like to call him the “Jack of all trades, master of none”, as he makes sure he’s never behind on anything. His love for Python is deeper than Romeo and Juliet’s


If Alfredo had the choice, he would probably communicate with just 0’s and 1’s. He might not come across as approachable, but with his brilliance in programming, you could call him the “digital Mozart”.

He wrote his first program at a young age, and never looked back. Alfredo has a strong feeling when it comes to the blockchain revolution and cryptography and is happy to be part of the Securypto project where security and privacy are the pillars of the project.

– Linux Security Expert for +15 Years
– Fullstack Developer for +18 Years
– Cryptography for +12 Years
– Crypto Enthusiast for +4 Years
– Data Managment for +9 Years

Senior Designer

A professional graphic designer with over 4 years of experience in making designs for projects. He has a good knowledge in psychology, especially in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), human development, as well as the basics of body language.

– Maintenance of microcomputer systems for +2 years
– Robotics for +2 years

Senior Designer

A mechanical power engineer with a deep rooted love for graphic design. Combine the two and you get Med. The engineer in him will always look at crucial details before proceeding to look at the bigger picture. The graphic designer in him is always looking for ways to display his artistic side.

Joining Securypto means he can use these attributes to his full extent and beyond, while being a part of the blockchain revolution and its impact on a global scale.

– Graphic design for +8 years
– Crypto enthusiast for +3 Years


Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in education for the social sciences, and is a licensed educator. More importantly, he got engaged and curious into cryptos and soon became a crypto enthusiast as well as a strong believer in the blockchain revolution.
Kevin is an enthusiastic community manager and holds years of experience doing bounty promotions for ICOs.

Content Manager

With a degree in civil engineering, Ronak is not new when it comes to absorbing new knowledge and applying it to new fields.

With 4 years of experience in cryptocurrency markets and trading, he has proven to be a reliable source for crypto advice and investment advisory.

He has sourced his knowledge as a content writer for quite some time before joining the Securypto team, and is a great addition to the spirit of the project.

Content Manager

Neyamul Hadi is a professional Community Manager and crypto enthusiasts who have been working with Blockchain based crypto-jobs since 2017. In his career, He has worked with some great projects like Tachain, Curaizon, X-Block etc. He also has experience in Content Writing and Content Marketing through real-time working experiences for more than two years. His professional skills are:

*Content Writer, +2 Years
*Crypto Enthusiast, +1 Years
*Social Media Management, +3 Years
*Community Management, +6 months

He is happy to be a part of the team where Securypto will be working with anonymity, Data security and privacy. His responsibilities in Securypto is to Content Marketing as well as Community Management.


He has sourced his knowledge as a content writer for quite some time before joining the Securypto team, and is a great addition to the spirit of the project.