Securypto History

Securypto was started early 2017 by a group of cryptopioneers formed from within the famous cryptocurrency forum bitcointalk under management of Lead Dev called by his pseudonym name Sam Nokati. Creating the first true anonymous data transfer ecosystem using blockchain technology till the end of 2019.


Running a huge project like Securypto needed funds and the team decided to run an ICO in Dec 2018, however as one of biggest cryptocurrency crashes occurred at the same time crashing Bitcoin from his ATH forcing it into a long bearmarket. Team needed to cancel the ICO and Sam decided to fund everything from his own life-savings.


In 2 years Sam Nokati and Daniel Gan have built the test-net and published the DigiSafeGurad app on Google playstore following the Securypto Roadmap. Unfortunately in the meantime like most crypto projects,  Securypto team started to fall apart over time leaving only Sam and Daniel behind to develop the blockchain and DSG app.


In 2020 Daniel decided to stop working on Securypto as he had found a great job opportunity and didn’t have the time that a project like Securypto requires. Sam Nokati became the sole driving force behind the project. As a founder Sam Nokati was determined to get the project where it belongs using his full potential seeking for new developers that would care enough to get involved and shared the same ideology. Sam’s mantra and driving force was always “Being anonymous is not having something to hide but the right to share what you want.”


The DSG app drew enormous attention from the cryptography and hackers world. Having a solid fundamentals a new team sharing the same principal and ideology was born under Lead Dev V_4_Vendeta as Sam Nokati suffering from a heart disease was no longer capable of developing and managing the Securypto project anymore and handed over the torch to V_4_Vendeta to continue on this path to  create a truly anonymous messaging app using blockchain.


The Securypto community will always be thankful for the huge effort both Sam Nokati and Daniel Gan have put into the project and making it into what it is today and whenever they want they are utmost welcome to join Securypto again.


Realizing that the project needed funding to survive, the new team under management of V_4_Vendeta  decided to start an IEO in Dec 2020. This time the team pulled it off as a new era of Bull-run came alive with Bitcoin setting a new ATH every week. Vendetta did what it was impossible back in Dec 2018 and Securypto had finally a successful IEO!.


Securypto is based on open-source and we are welcoming every member of the crypto community to join and help build an ecosystem that protects the right and  privacy of every human being around the globe. We are committed to this project and the fuel that keeps us going is the community and their feedback. It really pumps the team when we receive messages and reviews from users around the globe that securypto has helped them avoid prosecution by dictatorial regimes or datagrabbing companies. We will build this project brick by brick as both corporations and governments are chipping away at our foundation of basic human rights brick by brick at the same time. This is not a race, this is a marathon and we will continue the torch which the initial team has llit. We will keep this fire alive and burning with at its heart, the community!


Current Securypto Team

Merv Seleucus (Senior Developer)

Probably one of the earliest adopters of cryptocurrencies who has been lurking in the shadows before taking a more leading role. One of the reasons he has come out of hiding (sort of) is because how cryptography’s potential has been wasted on petty money making machines instead of focusing on an actual working product and letting the value flow from within as opposed to just hyping up hot air. Merv joined the team with one goal, and that is to produce a product where cryptography was meant for, to exchange and store encrypted data.


  • Full Stack Developer for 25+ years
  • Cryptography +10 years
  • Statistician +30 years
  • Network specialist +15 years
  • Ethical Hacking +10 years


Elias Atif (Developer)

A bright and relative young developer who has raised some eyebrows in the middle east. Before fleeing his home country he was mostly famous for hacking into his local police station to wipe out his record regarding political statements and ongoing investigation that was running against him at the time. He managed to survive and now he is working on this project which allows freedom of speech in places where freedom of speech is a scarcity.


  • Networking Specialist +7 years
  • Linux Security Expert +10 years
  • Crypto Enthusiast +5 years
  • Hacking +8 years
  • Android developer +6 years


Conrad Naveed (Senior Designer)

This guy has probably learned to be the best in order to be just lazy. Meaning he is so good in what he does, whenever a job comes up, and you ask for a design that you need. He whips out 5 different styles in 10 minutes with each more impressive than the other. So most of the time we end up spending more time on deciding which design than he spends on designing it!.


  • Graphic designer +15 years
  • Brand specialist +8 years
  • Crypto nut +4 years


Kingston Sven (Marketing)

Okey this guy is something else when it comes to marketing. Imagine shooting adrenaline straight into someone’s brain and then asking them what is the best way and cheapest option to market a product. He will disappear into the darkness and return with a full blown marketing strategy. But this comes as no surprise since he has been working with some of the major brands like Nike, Apple and even PWC


  • Business management +9 years
  • Brand strategy +12 years
  • Crypto enthusiast +6 years
  • Brand director +4 years


Ritchie Heroides (Content Manager)

If you got a story to tell but you can’t find the right words for it, then Ritchie is your guy. He usually reads the chats and team conversation and creates such great stories that truly imagines our vision. Which is a hard thing to do when you are in a team where most of the people are talking technically. But then again it comes as no surprise as he has worked in the past as an journalist between cartels exchanging fire (we kid you not)


  • Journalist +25 years
  • Crypto lover +3 years
  • Warzone reporter +10 years
  • Content director +5 years